The expertise of a renowned Junior

Founded in 1980, Junior Consulting has been meeting the needs of its clients for over 40 years and giving Sciences Po students the opportunity to put into practice the lessons taught at the school. Each year, Junior Consulting Sciences Po carries out an average of 60 assignments for public administrations, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies. Our areas of expertise are public affairs, finance, communication, consulting, public and international policy, infrastructure, ecological transition, journalism, human resources and luxury goods.

Junior Consulting

 Years of Experience

Missions per year



Budget Pro Bono

7 Campuses

Our Assets

Performance and excellence

  • Internationally renowned faculty members
  • Various expertises Finance, Consulting, Energy, Infrastructure, Ecological transition, Human resources, Communication, Public policy - Administration - Health - Culture, Journalism, International policy, Luxury, Pro Bono
  • A wide variety of clients within the public and private sector

An international perspective

  • International student network
  • 45% of international students
  • 478 partner universities around the world
  • More than 40 Double-Diplomas (Columbia, LSE, St. Gallen etc.)

A unique student body

  • One of the most powerful Alumni network de France
  • More than 14 000 students  that can be mobilized
  • Strong presence throughout France thanks to Sciences Po's relocated campuses

Who we work with








Our approach


Immediate Call-back

  1. Reactivity We will take care of your request as soon as possible.
  2. Comprehension We specify together your needs, your objectives and your constraints.


Proposal of a solution answering your need

  1. Proposition of an action plan that meets your needs and is based on our unique - a combination of the academic requirements and multidisciplinarity of Sciences Po.
  2. Our project leaders, permanent members of JCSP, call upon students within the various Masters programs to create a team of contributors with the specific skills required for the mission.


Achievement of the mission

  1. Collection. Our project leaders supervise the students in their research and documentation work.
  2. Analysis. With its academic background, the team conducts the analysis of the collected data according to the methodology defined with the client.
  3. Synthesis The main lessons learned are presented in a clear and comprehensive document.


Deliverable Rendering

  1. High impact solution. Our deliverables will meet the requirements defined upstream to ensure a high impact solution.
  2. Monitoring of the implementation. We stay in touch to ensure your satisfaction and propose a post-mission follow-up.

Client Verbatim

Many thanks to Junior Consulting Science Po for successfully completing the study!

Your work has been invaluable in providing us with the information we need to optimize our business. notre plan d’actionWe are grateful for the professionalism, commitment and expertise you demonstrated throughout the project.

Once again, a big thank you to the entire Junior Consulting Science Po team for this fruitful collaboration! 

We would like to thank you very much for the audit you carried out on behalf of CoBe. It has made a major contribution to consolidating our assessment of the company's financial situation, and has enabled us to focus on more than just growth in our analysis.

The benchmark of architectural agencies that you have launched on the financial side gives us some clues as to our ability to take a consolidated strategic direction.

You've done a real job of quality.

Raphaël Denis – Partner, CoBe

For both missions, a very reactive team from the briefing to the final report. A more than appreciable reactivity in view of the deadlines.

The team was very professional and met our expectations. In addition, the students showed initiative in proposing alternative solutions.

During the meetings, the team understood our needs and adapted their work accordingly.

Toopi Organics called on Junior-Consulting Sciences Po. We were very satisfied with the quality-price ratio and we plan to call them back soon.

Michael Roes

co-founder, TOOPI

We have been working with Junior Consulting for many years. A pleasure to work with a team available, flexible and enthusiastic. The modalities of the mission evolve and the quality of service remains the same.



Interview dans Finmag de notre Président

« Notre Junior existe depuis plus de 40 ans, ce qui nous confère une solide expertise, en grande partie grâce à nos échanges fréquents avec nos anciens membres. Notre engagement envers l’excellence et la rigueur est l’un de nos principaux axes de travail. De plus, nous sommes fiers d’afficher un taux de satisfaction client très élevé, avec un score Net Promoter de 89 %. »

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