Energy Expertise

JCSP assists energy players in carrying out high-impact missions.

Two Singular Masters

International Energy Public Affairs 

Energy, Environment and Sustainability


These masters train our consultants in the following areas: strategic and operational aspects of the energetic sector. They allow them to gain an understanding of energy issues, at a global level, across a variety of disciplines and sources of energies studied.

A Practical and Demanding Curriculum

  • Energy Landscape Analysis
  • Network Energies : The Economics,
  • Politics and Regulation of Natural Gas and Electricity
  • Oil and Gas Upstream Industry : Business, Strategy and Finance
  • Nuclear Energy Fundamentals
  • Decarbonization and renewable energy sources

Permanant Exposure to Corporate Actors

The energy expertise of the students is reinforced by the realization of a field training course and the regular organization of events and conferences with major industrial players and government. Stakeholders hold positions at AREVA, EDF, IFP Énergies nouvelles, at RTE or still within the International Energy Agency.

Our Studies

A manager of the French network of electricity distribution


  • Need: Reorganize its internal processes in order to respond effectively to the new breakdown French region.
  • Solution: JCSP updated the database and carried out the following tasks several monographs on decentralization of energy skills to the 12 new regions of France.

The French leader in electrical production 


  • Need: Understand the role of key authorities will be brought to play during the next few years.
  • Solution: JCSP has conducted a comparative study and analyzed the major nuclear authorities in the world.

A French leader in water services and sanitation

  • Need: Develop an offer around the Energy valorization, in particular to destination of communities.
  • Solution: JCSP conducted a market study summary of the establishments' PCAETs public of intermunicipal cooperation

Our offers

  • Governance Process
  • Editing and Translation of Content
  • Consumer Insight
  • Benchmark
  • Position Study
  • Strategic Watch