Expertise in Cultural Public Policy

JCSP supports public and private actors in the realization of missions related to the field of culture.

A Unique Master's Degree

Public Policy - Culture Specialty


This master trains our consultants to the administration of cultural institutions, at management of cultural projects and management cultural policies.

The training combines a generalist approach and of the cultural industry and the multidisciplinary in-depth training on tools and issues of each sector.

A Practical and Demanding Curriculum

  • History and challenges of cultural industries
  • Management of cultural institutions
  • Digital for Culture
  • Culture and lobbying
  • Marketing of cultural institutions
  • Financing culture: models, tools and outlook

A Permanent Exhibition To Cultural Issues

The Master is accompanied by various partners: ADP, AFD, Assembly National, UN, and Ministries.

Stakeholders hold positions at Within UNESCO, the Directorate of Affairs and External Relations, City of Paris, or the Louvre Museum

Our Studies

A French Ministry

  • Need: Transcript and synthesis of a conference on employment in the cultural sector
  • Solution: JCSP has transcribed, synthesized and collected the conference feedback

Startup specialized in AI to serve access to culture

  • Need: Evaluate the impact of the AskMona chatbot in access to user culture
  • Solution: JCSP designed and conducted an impact study of the project carried by AskMona

A great national theater

  • Need: Understand the needs and requirements of the spectator feedback
  • Solution: Solution JCSP designed and conducted a study of customer satisfaction

Our offers

  • Customer Insight
  • Organization of Conferences & Round Tables
  • Evaluation of Public Policies
  • Field Surveys
  • Social Impact Audit
  • Search for Institutional Partnerships & Funds