Expertise in Ecological Transition and Sustinability

JCSP supports economic actors in their ecological transition towards a more sustainable economy.

A Master's degree at the height of the stakes

International Management & Sustainability

A unique curriculum in Strategy and Management rooted in the response to the challenges of sustainable development.

Our consultants see the management of the future in the light of the environmental challenges of the private sector, in order to move towards models of responsible leadership.

A Practical and Demanding Curriculum

  • New Business Models of the Inclusive Economy
  • Understanding International Project Finance
  • Environmental limits, innovation and sufficiency oriented business models
  • Corporate Strategy and Social Impact : an Applied Analysis
  • Circular Economy Strategies and Finance

Permanant Exposure to Corporate Actors

The Master’s degree is accompanied by a European Chair for Sustainable Development and Climate Transition, supported by Hermès. Speakers include positions at Deloitte, Suez Hermès and L'Oréal.

Our Studies

French start-up specialized in the production of ecological containers



  • Need: Obtain the Efficient Solution Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation to certify the quality of its products.
  • Solution: JCSP conducted a market study to gather the necessary data to promote the chances of obtaining the Efficient Solution Label.

French leader in renewable energies




  • Need: Development of the Solar Plan database aimed at multiplying photovoltaic solar installations between 2020 and 2035.
    hotovoltaïque entre 2020 et 2035
  • Solution: JCSP has updated 48 projects in the database to improve the completeness of the data and find additional information to refine the references.

SMEs specializing in urine recycling

  • Need: Establish an action plan to promote the project to public institutions and position itself as a substitute for wastewater treatment plants in urine recycling.
  • Solution: JCSP mapped the decision-making scheme for drinking water treatment and established a political contact plan. 

Our offers

  • Drafting of Environmental Charters
  • Process Governances - Compliance Study
  • CSR Action Review
  • CSR Status Benchmark