Who we are

Junior Consulting Sciences Po

Junior Consulting Sciences Po is the Junior Enterprise of Sciences Po Paris. Created in 1980 under the name Sciences Po Conseil, it adopted its current name in 2009. After joining the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises (CNJE) movement in 2007, Sciences Po Paris' Junior Enterprise grew stronger every year, a success rewarded by several CNJE awards in 2009 and 2010.



Who we are

Over the years, Junior Consulting's identity Junior Consulting Sciences Po (JCSP) s’est forgée autour de valeurs essentielles. S’engager, innover et partager demeurent aujourd’hui encore des engagements que nous avons à cœur de mettre en pratique. Durant ses 42 années d’existence, JCSP has been able to evolve and adapt to be present in 7 cities in France and to carry out many international missions. In 2009, the first regional branch of Junior Consulting was born. Junior Consulting Sciences Po. Le développement de plusieurs antennes s’est ensuite accéléré durant les années 2010. Nous possédons aujourd’hui une couverture géographique unique grâce à nos antennes à Dijon, Menton, Reims, le Havre, Nancy, et Poitiers. Ces antennes élargissent la clientèle de notre Junior-Entreprise ainsi que l’ensemble d’intervenants potentiels.

We wish to continue to highlight the key aspects of the training provided by Sciences Po, particularly in the field of public affairs, by becoming the Junior-Enterprise of reference in the field. Each year, we carry out an average of 60 missions on behalf of public administrations, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies. Our areas of expertise are public affairs, finance, marketing, communication, human resources and CSR.

The success of Junior Consulting is based on the investment and commitment of previous generations who have been able to pass on to us the keys to make our structure grow.

Our work and our ambition paid off notably when Junior Consulting was one of the finalists of the Excellence Prize of the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises, twice in 2011 and 2012. JCSP fit partie des finalistes du Prix d’Excellence de la Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises, à deux reprises en 2011 et 2012.

Cependant, c’est en 2016 que vient la consécration de nos efforts. Junior Consulting Sciences Po intègre le cercle des 30 meilleures J.E. de France.

In 2020, the new mandate decides to proceed with a profound redesign of Junior Consulting's visual identity, in line with our objectives of modernization and innovation. Our new logo is born!

A strong heritage and even greater ambitions make Junior Consulting Sciences Po a leading Junior-Enterprise, whose constant desire to improve and provide a service worthy of the greatest consulting firms will meet the expectations and requirements of all our clients.



  • Creation of Sciences Po Conseil

Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises

  • Sciences Po Conseil joins the Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises, which gives it the official status of J.E.

Name Change

  • Sciences Po Conseil becomes Sciences Po Junior Consulting


Best Hope Label

  • Label of the Best Hope of the CNJE which rewards the most promising structure of the Junior-Enterprises movement.

Relocated office

  • Creation of the first relocated office in the region of Junior Consulting

Communication label

  • CNJE Communication Label, which rewards the Junior-Enterprise who has developed the best internal and external communication strategy.

Entrepreneur Label

  • CNJE's Entrepreneur Label which rewards the Junior-Enterprise having conducted the best study for a company creator.

Finaliste Prix de l’Excellence

  • Junior Consulting is a finalist for the CNJE Excellence Award, only 4 years after joining the movement.

Record year

  • Record year, more than €500,000 in revenues

Pro Bono Fund

  • Creation of the Junior Consulting Pro Bono Fund, 7% of the turnover is allocated for missions to associations.


  • First entry in the L30, the 30 best J.E. of France

Finalist of the CSR Award

  • Junior Consulting is a finalist of the CSR Award of the CNJE

Visual identity

  • Redesign of Junior Consulting's visual identity


Revision of our processes

  • Segmentation of our offers in order to increase our excellence and competences

New objective

  • Devenir le cabinet référence pour les Affaires publiques